Sunday, April 12, 2009

There's nothing like a chew

We present a video documentary of a Beagle boy
and his treat filled kong.

Starring Tinker as the Beagle boy

Co Starring Virginia as the sleeping Beagle girl

Director's note - The noise you hear in the background is the coffemaker,
not Virginia snoring.


  1. Thank you for your blog :) I've been reading it from start to finish off and on since 5:00 this morning when I came back from dropping off my brave 5 yr. old beagle, Cedar, at the emergency vet early this morning. He will be going in for surgery in a few short hours for a herniated disc in his back.

    Reading your blog has kept me distracted and optimistic!

  2. Ann, I'm so glad we could help. How is Cedar doing?

  3. He's doing well :) It's a little rough going though because I'm a tad impatient by nature and because it's just me at home so I haven't quite figured out the work/care balance. But it's only been a week, the worst week, and I know the weeks will only get better.
    So far he has only one noticeable sign of improvement but I'll take it. If I tickle the hair between his toes; he'll flex his paw :)

  4. Hi Tinker!

    We are so inspired about your journey. Today we made a twit on Twitter about your blog

    hope you will follow us

    also you are always invited to come play on our new site. bring your dad!

  5. I am so excited to find your blog! Our beloved beagle, Bailey (almost 10 yrs old) just had this surgery Sunday and we are absolutely terrified. We don't know how she was injured, but she lost the use of her back left leg on Saturday night. By the time she had surgery on Sunday, she had lost the use of her hind quarters. We visited her today and she was on so many drugs she didn't even know we were there. She is our baby and we are trying to learn more about her recovery. Tinker is our hero!