Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Improvements and New Digs

It's hard to believe, but today marks 19 weeks since Tinker's surgery, and he continues to improve every day. Our initial fears for his well being have been soothed by watching his progress. In addition to weekly acupuncture, he is still going 3 times a week for underwater hydrotherapy, and he is up to a speed of .8 miles per minute for 20 minutes. He doesn't love the water- most Beagles aren't big swimmers like Labs- but he is a trouper, and he tries very hard. It is very rewarding to see how far he has come. After surgery, the muscle mass in his hind end had noticeably atrophied. But, over the past 4 months he has really rebuilt the muscle in his hind end and legs, plus all the hair on his back has grown back in- so he looks really healthy! Despite the fact that his walk is still spastic, we are thrilled that he is walking at all. In the past month he has definitely been "up" more, and we are very, very proud of our little boy.

Since his initial recovery time spent in the porta-crib, he has graduated to an "ex pen" in the living room. He loves his new freedom, and sometimes Virginia will join him for a marathon bone chewing session or to just curl up and keep him company.