Sunday, January 4, 2009

Surf's Up Dude

With weather being pretty lousy around here, we took a trip to a local pet store chain to give the Beags a chance to have some fun as well as to cure our cabin fever. The floors in these stores are usually a smooth tile or linoleum. Which means a slippery floor for Tinker, who looks like Bambi on ice when he gets excited at the sight of another dog.

The two of us had a simultaneous thought as we entered the store. "What if we try to put Tinker in one of the shopping carriages?" (We once tried this with Virginia years ago, but she hated every moment of it. In all fairness, it was also on a bumpy driveway in a shopping center.)

So we put Tink in the carriage and he loved every minute of it! He gave a few puzzled looks, and he got a bit frustrated and whined, cried, and barked a few times at not being able to greet some of the other dogs, like Bogart the Beagle, that we met along the way.

But he also liked having a bird's eye view of the food-stocked shelves, and didn't attempt to climb out of his new "vehicle". All in all it was successful trip, especially when the cashier gave 3 large treats to both Virginia and Tinker as we left the store.