Thursday, June 23, 2005

Surgeon Follow-Up

On Tuesday, June 21, we took Tinker to his follow-up appointment with Dr. Hunt, his surgeon. This was the first time that Dr. Hunt had seen Tinker in nearly 2 months. When we were there last, Tinker was in his cart for the entire exam. This time we brought him in wearing his sling and took it off in the exam room so he could walk freely. What a difference time and hard work make. We could see the smile creep across Dr. Hunt's face as he entered the exam room. He and his assistant, (Meaghan, Tinker's favorite person at the AERA), were ecstatic to see Tinker's progress.

As you can see in the picture above, over the last month -and especially the past 2 weeks- Tinker has been up on his feet much more. (Also notice how the fur on his back has now completely grown back in.) We have not put gates up yet, but we block off the stairs and allow Tinker to walk around our downstairs while we watch. He's still somewhat awkward in his walk, and his left leg is stronger and more coordinated that the right, but he remains on his feet. His bulked-up front and back legs and hind quarters have really made a difference. We will need to start working on his coordination.